Madeira Prestige

Who We Are

We are a company dedicated to the construction of wooden houses. This type of construction offers a number of advantages over traditional buildings, such as lower environmental impact, greater thermal and acoustic comfort, and a rustic, welcoming style.

Our Services

We are responsible for the construction of wooden houses. This includes designing, cutting, fitting and assembling the components of the house. In addition, we ensure that all safety regulations are met during the construction process

The Franchise

The Casas de Madeira Franchising offers several benefits for those who wish to invest in this market. Among them are: Know-How, Support, Consolidated Brand name, Standardization and High rate of profitability….

The Process

Home Model Definition

The Client identifies what suits him or her best. A contract is signed and we will identify all the legal and technical steps that are necessary for the viability of the construction.

Land Preparation

With the previous steps completed, we are able to move forward with the structures on the ground to ensure the stability of the Construction. This phase is very important!

Workshop Preparation

In the workshop, we prepare all the components of the House to ensure that nothing will be missing. Standardization increases the speed of the process, which reduces the waiting time.

Assembling the House on the Ground

Once on the ground, we do the most careful assembly of the house modules. The entire process is accompanied by a quality technician, and the smallest detail is considered.

Final Finishing

Once the first part is finished and the main structure of the house is finished, we move on to the finishing touches. Although it is rustic, the house shows its modern features, due to the quality of the finishings.

Key in Hand

Already with a smile on the client’s face we will have the pleasure of delivering the house to him. Ready to live in and with all the basic services in place. A happy customer will always recommend us.

Want to be our franchisee?

Let’s do it! Besides building Wooden Houses, we also want to help entrepreneurs create a very profitable business by working with us!