Value Chain

We are a company dedicated to the construction of wooden houses. This type of construction offers a number of advantages over traditional buildings, such as lower environmental impact, greater thermal and acoustic comfort, and a rustic, welcoming style.

Besides building wooden houses, we also specialize in all carpentry work, noting that we work with solid wood, which makes us strong partners for many other carpentry shops that do not have this capability.

Thus, we act in the entire Value chain, from the collection, transformation, and assembly of the works at the end customer.

Principles and Values

  • Integrity: we always act with ethics, transparency, and honesty, keeping commitments and fulfilling obligations.
  • Innovation: We constantly seek new ideas and solutions to offer differentiated and competitive products and services.
  • Social responsibility: we contribute to the sustainable development of society and the environment through solidarity and social responsibility actions.
  • Excellence: we always seek excellence in all the company’s processes and activities, aiming at continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.
  • Teamwork: we value collaborative work, encouraging communication and the sharing of ideas and knowledge.
  • Focus on the client: we integrate the client in the center of the decisions and prioritize his satisfaction and loyalty by offering quality products and services.

Our Experience

Construção de Casas de Madeira
Cozinhas e Móveis por Medida
Carpintaria de Interiores
Construções de Estruturas

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